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Weblio Japanese to Japanese Dictionary

Weblio Japanese to English Dictionary

Weblio Japanese to Japanese Thesaurus

https://gogen-yurai.jp/ - Etymological J-J dictionary. Detailed explanations and synonyms for words and slang.

https://meaning.jp/ - Etymological J-J resource. Helpful for [word]とは searches.


goo.ne.jp Japanese to Japanese Dictionary

goo.ne.jp English to Japanese Dictionary






ichi.moe - Breaks down sentences into their constituent words, which are provided definitions courtesy of JMDict.

Immersion Kit - Easily search Japanese vocab and grammar across anime, drama, games, news, and literature.

Tools and offline dictionaries


Yomitan Dictionaries

http://qolibri.osdn.jp/ - browse and search EPWING format dictionaries (can be found online)

http://jedict.com/ - iOS app

https://www.tagaini.net/ - Offline J-E dictionary with other features that don't usually come with such programs

https://takoboto.jp/ - Available both online and offline

https://kanji.sljfaq.org/ - Supports a variety of ways to lookup kanji—handwritten, radical, SKIP, etc.

https://kanjitomo.net/ - Kanji OCR Tool

fugashi - Japanese tokenizer and morphological analysis tool

Japanese Sound Effects (SFX)


Japanese SFX Google sheet

Hentai and Non-Hentai Sound Effects and What They Mean (PDF)



Name kanji reading and katakana names

https://www.kanshudo.com/searchn - E-J name kanji lookup




https://www.weblio.jp/cat/dictionary/gkjyj - looks up possible spellings for katakana names (J-E and E-J)

English writing tools

WordWeb - Offline dictionary and thesaurus

E-J Fighting Game Glossary



The Chicago Manual of Style Online: Hyphenation Table

The Art of Writing Effective Queries

OneLook thesaurus

Green’s Dictionary of Slang - Comprehensive dictionary of English slang that includes sources and quotes, with tons of search options. A good way to check how if such-and-such slang is still being used and how.


https://www.rhymezone.com/ - Not just a zone for rhymes.

https://www.english-corpora.org/coca/ - Corpus of American English that searches through all sorts of text. Constantly updated but requires a free (but limited) account to use.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary and Thesaurus


Netflix English Timed Text Style Guide

Regular Expressions (Regex)

Regular Expressions: an Introduction for Translators

Regex tester

Regex cheatsheet

English resources for reading

List of Generic and Genericized Trademarks

Appropriate Terms to Use About Disability

A Fair Point Ensuring Gender Neutrality in Translation

Edging Toward Japan: Just how gender neutral is Japanese?

Queering Translation, Translating the Queer: Theory, Practice, Activism

Translation by Example: Principles for Minimizing Errors

J-En Translations - Interviews, podcasts, info about translation competitions, and other informative posts

Are your Japanese translations sounding robotic? Opt for the human touch.

Takashi's Japanese Dictionary - Good source to learn about the quirkier aspects of JP, complete with sentences. Also features some nifty tools.


Literary Translators Comment on Localization & Re-Translation

Monthly Slang Reviews

Can a Translation Be Better Than the Original Book

Capcom’s quest to translate The Great Ace Attorney for Western audiences

What the different カッコ (quotation marks) in Japanese are and how they're used

(Quora) How do you spell out sexual moans

List of Japanese Abbreviated Words and Phrases

The possibilities of research on fujoshi in Japan

Game Localization

Project Management in Game Development

Best Practices for Game Localization

Game localisation: unleashing imagination with 'restricted' translation

Redundant Translations in Games & Anime

XSEED Games blog

Videos talking about Translation

Tackling Translation: Media Localization Across Mediums (EN/日本語)

Thinking Outside the Panel: Critical Thinking for Simulpub Manga Translation

Manga lettering


Other resource lists

J-E Resource Sheet by @usagiko

Living Japanese Slang Dictionary by Wes Robertson

Japanese Online FPS Game Terms Flashcard Set (Starter Pack) by Tomoyo

(JP-JP) List of gamedev-specific terms